Gooral better place pobierz opera

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gooral better place pobierz opera

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Together we have produced a dozen books and we're still cooking. The books are set in the Gatineau river valley and Ottawa. They are funny and sad! They are read by people of all ages though the narrators are young. The narrators are the age of the child who saw the Emperor's nakedness.

They are clear eyed, candid, smart, unsophisticated and inexperienced. The books have multiple layers, resulting in reluctant readers discovering them while elsewhere they are studied in university courses. They have been translated in seven different languages and have been awarded national and international prizes too numerous to list here. They have been adapted to radio, stage and film. I have appeared in twenty performances of our book Angel Square on the stage of the National Arts Centre.

There has also been an opera and there's talk of a ballet. Got out of surgery last night, after 7 hours! I look like Frankenstein, but oh well. Clean margin on primary of 1mm. Right tonsil Two nodes involved, encapsulated. Face is numb on right side, right ear and shoulder is numb. No problem lifting arm over head.

Smile is cockeyed, but oh well. You're back and better than ever! The Frankenstein thing is really pretty effective for getting people to shut up -- 35 staples here! So glad you are back and sounding upbeat. I think NOT! You have done well - you won't look like Frankenstein for long. Big smiles for you today. Frankenstein will go away. Clean margins are a very good thing. Be prepared to stay numb. I'm almost 3 months post surgery and still numb in my ear and face no shoulder numbness, however.

Doc said the numb area will probably get smaller, but it may not go away completely. I think this is a small price to pay for health. I don't even notice it any more, unless something brushes against it. I still have problems lifting my arm over my head, so you're one "up" on me. No pun intended. Keep a positive attitude and before you know it, you'll be amazed how time flies.

The cockeyed smile thing sounds familiar, but you can still smile - right? Hang in there and keep up the fight. Cathy Posted By: bobb Re: Here we go I had a cockeyed smile too -- it hung around for about 5 months but I woke up one day and I almost fell over when I brushed my teeth because my lip worked!

Just like that. You'll also be surprised at how fast your neck scar calms down. Good job. Feel better. Posted By: Barb Re: Here we go I want some of your meds. I am so glad to see a post and will not ring the phone and wake you up when you are getting some rest. I hope that you got my letter at Stanford today.

I have you in my prayers and constantly think of you. I am so glad to hear of the good margins. Follow the regime and know that you have those who will give you support of whatever kind is needed. We knew you could do it!

Sounds like surgery went well and your attitude will take you a long way in fighting this beast. Keep up your fighting spirit and my thoughts are with you, Seth and your family. I can't believe you're on and posting so soon. You ARE tough and will work through this! My smile is cockeyed as well, but it helps me with my Sylvester Stalone impersonation.. I had thought about you so many times over the past few days.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Tried to call few times but no answer! I guess you were getting your beauty rest. Last night I didn't sleep. I guess it's true that the 2nd day worse. My throat is killing me..

Yesterday, I ate grapes, roll, banana and peaches, plus more.. Last night I couldn't even drink water. I have an earache, jaw pain and all the numbness still. I should get the drains out tonight or in the morning I"ll keep eveeryone posted!!!!!!!!!!!

As you go through the healing phase please post any questions you may have. You have many members pulling for you. Had a terrible time yesterday. Serious pain, couldn't swallow and didn't sleep at all since I had been here.

Today, I had finally had enough of "Well, sir, the dr prescribed morphine and that's all we have" I said look, the stuff isn't working AT ALL for my tonsil pain and it makes me constipated and loopy I've had some real crap nurses Finally, I called the surgeon at home. I told him I'd had enough. He hasn't even been in to check on me ONCE since the surgery. I have this "team" of ENT's show up twice a day and look like deer cought in headlights.

They are nice enough, but can't answer any of my questions, and worse yet, don't do anything for the pain!!! I was really fedup. Anyway, I said to the surgeon that I couldn't believe he hadn't been in even once. He said the sugery went well. He said we got negative margins on the tonsil which I presume is good But, only 1mm.

He also said there looked like the 2 known nodes and one "facial node" looled involved, but that we'll know more on Tues from Pathology. I don't know what the 3 rd one means? More surgery? Jaw bones, etc? I complained that he misled me whn he said I'd be "eating steak and potatoes" in a couple of days after surgery. I explained the pain. He said, oh, let's put you on Blah Blah it'll fix you right up The only problem is, he said, is that it causes bleeding???

I think it's an IV version of Ibuprofren or something. Anyway, within 20 minutes I was a new man! I went to sleep at PM and have been on and off since, getting up in between to walk around the floor to prevent pnonomia and clots. We'll that's about it I still have lot's of sleep to catch up on.. Oh, I met this super guy, TIM, here today.

Had SCC of the tongue back when he was 26! Then 14 years later it returned!!!!!!!!!! He said it was on his tounge again, and that they didn't get "clean margins". He said he already used up his lifetime of Rads last time. Has a good spirit about it! But, jeeze, if you can't feel safe after 14 years when can you???!!! He should start to post online soon!

Well, I'm off to sleep again Love and hugs to all! I have had surgery for other problems and I didn't think that the staff had a clue about just how bad the pain was. I complained to the head of the hospital can't remember his title because I was taken off morphine after 12 hours and I should have been kept on it for at least 48 for my surgery.

They gave me panedol and I couldn't even swallow it because the pain was so bad I was gagging. That was 4 years ago and I am still pissed off. It was a private hospital too and I was paying big bucks, not that that should mean better care, but really you expect it. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

It is tough when you have just had major surgery and are really hurting. Stay strong. I am still sending those good thoughts your way. I am waiting to have my biopsy done and I have gone right off the word 'positive' at the moment.

Good luck and best wishes. It made me crazy, paranoid and out of my head, which would have been fine if it had killed any of the pain I was having. Good learning experience for the next time should you need to go into the hospital. These days if I have severe pain, I'm better informed to say "no morphine, please" Sorry about the crap nurses and the doctor not keeping you informed or checking up on you. I've had my share of those too. It's probably why I'm a wee bit jaded on the whole medical thing.

When you do find good nurses or a few good doctors on your medical team, that's what keeps you in the game. Sometimes they are easier to reach than the top dog anyway, and thankfully some of them even had business cards with their direct numbers listed on them.

Hope you are healing better with each passing day. Michael, I'm sorry you had to deal with such bad pain for ANY length of time. Pain control should really be a primary concern for both doctors and nurses after surgery. I didn't getparanoid, but it just didn't really get rid of the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery in the coming days and also withy Seth and the other loved ones helping to care for you.

Nelie Posted By: bellarte Re: Here we go After much "advocating" on my part, he got off morphine, ,on to shots of a painkiller that starts with a D Seth and your folks can help advocate with the staff if you keep them in tune with exactly how you feel. When do you get out? Discomfort continues at home, so getting the pain meds worked out there is good. I am so proud of you for such a terrific attitude! Hang in there, kiddo Posted By: helen. Glad you are well enough to post..

Congratulations for taking charge and insisting on change. Morphine makes me very sick so I managed with panadol-related painkillers. By the way, John came out of the recovery room with 5 tubes hooked up. Got rid of 1 each day for the next 4 days, so hopefully you are ahead of that schedule.

Glad to hear you are prowling the halls also. That's great. Still in here!! Some 4th of July Weekend.. But I feel like being here is earning interest in my bank accout of life, so that I can spend many great 4th of July weekends on the "outside" later. I feel better still on the new meds, but they are having to stop them tonight since you can't take it for more than 48 hours.

I asked for just some Tylenol Extra Stength and you would have thought I had asked for a rock from the moon or something! They are still "working on it"! But, I will stay on them before the last dose starts to wear off. I spent time with Seth outside in the sunshine for a little, and have been trying to walk a few times a day. They removed my drains today!

Wierd sensations huh??!! But, glad to have to increased mobility. Still on antibiotics and have a slight fever usually each afternoon and overnight. Never showed up, they said, "Oh, that's a medication since it is a food suppliment, so we have to get a Dr's order" Jeeze.

Anyway, I walked to the cafeteria myself and bought one. Felt good to get some nutrition and now I am eating semi-solid foods again. I don't know how long I'm going to be on the anti-biotics, but I suspect that's the only reason I am still IV.

I plan on getting some good sleep again tonight. Swelling inside the neck, and throat seem to be better and I have these weird twinges in the trama areas near my incisions I am trying not to move my head too much, but the interns promise me it's ok to turn full left and right and up and down.. So many errors here! One nurse left my IV infuser off for 2 hours until I noticed it.

Another, tried to give me a shot of morphine the first day just after I had administered a patient dose of the morphine! I finally went out before my last walk and took them myself in the hall. So many things like this, I don't want to post them because I already sound jadded and unappreciative, but let's just remind each other, that you really need to be your own best advocate, no one, no Dr, no nurse, no hospital is perfect. Anyway, thanks again for every thing you all have said The good thoughts keep me going!

Love, Posted By: oceanangel Re: Here we go I wish you many, many more much more enjoyable ones. I am hoping that next year you and Seth are living it up and can say to each other "remember last year? Hospitals eh? Not cancer, but other problems. But can't they just be petty fifedoms? You need to be really strong to cope with a trip to hospital.

Thinking of you. Posted By: Gary Re: Here we go Demand it. Tell them you want to speak to a patient omsbudsman. I took morphine for months as well as being on a Duragesic patch Fentanyl. They could also give you oxycontin, demerol or even Vicodin. They probably told you that because that's what in your chart. My wife had facial surgery and she had a demerol pump self administered right up until she was discharged. They then gave her Vicodin. Be sure to describe your pain using the pain scale , 10 being the worst.

During radiation they asked me every day what my pain scale was. Tylenol extra strength - thats like putting a bandaid on a ruptured aorta. Remember the doctor has to put it in your chart - the nurses can't change or give you anything without a doctors order. Are you at Stanford?

You can always have Seth bring you food. As I read more and more of it I am and will be eternally grateful to all of the medical staff and specialists who have been with me throught the surgery and two biopsies and my treatments. They have all been kind, understanding and simply a I am sorry you are getting the nasty ones. Morphine makes me see aliens and makes me feel like one. Does little for pain and just makes me sleep.

White had me on Lortab liquid after my surgery and for me the pain was gone within 10 minutes of a dose. I believe it is Tylenol mixed with Codeine. I got an anti nausea script, a script for steroids to ease and help the inflamation and one for Zanax for my nerves. I hope things start to go better for you soon. Hope you have the strength to kick some butt and get what you need until you get out of there.

When John was discharged, we got an evaluation sheet to fill in and send to the administrator. And I told them very honestly about the things that upset us. Hopefully you will get the chance to do that also. Think getting well. How's Seth? But again, I do understand your frustration. I too was hungry and the dietary department kept sending up diet food with low calorie written all over it.

They must have considered me a pain, because I kept sending it back telling them I've lost ENOUGH weight and to send me stuff with maximum calories in it. One nurse walked into my room and went on and on about this soap opera that she always watches at that particular time guess she was hoping I would change the channel so she could watch her favorite soap I just sort of assumed a blank stare Everytime I have gone into the hospital, they have had a shortage of patient rooms.

The first time in January, they put me on an "overflow" area where they had cheaply converted office space into patient rooms. All patients had to share a bathroom down the hall. It was gross and they weren't real good about cleaning it after taking samples. The last time they had to leave me in the recovery area after surgery for an hour longer because there were no rooms available.

Michael you don't sound jaded or unappreciative, but realistic. One sort of HAS to stay on top of it all. Even at my last appointment, they mentioned a CT scan coming up in September. If I hadn't brought up questions on scan and followup care, I probably wouldn't have known. They also told me that I can't always count on someone contacting me about scheduling it up, so somewhere in the back of my mind I have to remember that if they don't call me about the CT scan, I better get on the phone and make the arrangements so THAT very important item doesn't fall through the cracks.

I was last in the hospital weeks ago for about 9 days because I was neutropenic and had some absolutely excellent nurses and niurses aids BUT there were still some screw ups and flubs.

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