Asa show crypto map

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asa show crypto map

This command displays the IPsec map configurations. Use the show crypto map command to view configuration for global, dynamic, and default map. show route crypto ikev1 policy 1 hash sha authentication pre-share group 5 lifetime encryption aes exit crypto ikev1 enable outside crypto ikev2. IKEv1 Configuration Template! The configuration consists of a single IPSec tunnel. The Cisco ASA supports a single crypto map per interface. 67 CANAL PLACE ELIZABETHTOWN KY APARTMENTS

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For IPsec to succeed, both peers must have crypto map entries with compatible configurations. For two crypto map entries to be compatible, they must, at a minimum, meet the following criteria: The crypto map entries must contain compatible crypto access lists for example, mirror image access lists. The crypto map entries each must identify the other peer unless the responding peer is using a dynamic crypto map.

The crypto map entries must have at least one transform set in common. If you create more than one crypto map entry for a given interface, use the sequence number seq-num of each entry to rank it: the lower the seq-num, the higher the priority. At the interface that has the crypto map set, the ASA evaluates traffic against the entries of higher priority maps first.

Create multiple crypto map entries for a given interface if either of the following conditions exist: Different peers handle different data flows. You want to apply different IPsec security to different types of traffic to the same or separate peers , for example, if you want traffic between one set of subnets to be authenticated, and traffic between another set of subnets to be both authenticated and encrypted. In this case, define the different types of traffic in two separate access lists, and create a separate crypto map entry for each crypto access list.

To create a crypto map and apply it to the outside interface in global configuration mode, enter several of the crypto map commands. These commands use a variety of arguments, but the syntax for all of them begin with crypto map map-name-seq-num.

In the following example the map-name is abcmap, the sequence number is 1. Enter these commands in global configuration mode: Step 1 To assign an access list to a crypto map entry, enter the crypto map match address command.

The syntax is crypto map map-name seq-num match address aclname. A Hashed Message Authentication Codes HMAC method to ensure the identity of the sender and to ensure that the message has not been modified in transit. A Diffie-Hellman group to set the size of the encryption key. A time limit for how long the ASA uses an encryption key before replacing it.

A transform set combines an encryption method and an authentication method. The transform set must be the same for both peers. A transform set protects the data flows for the ACL specified in the associated crypto map entry. You can create transform sets in the ASA configuration, and then specify a maximum of 11 of them in a crypto map or dynamic crypto map entry. The endpoint must have the dual-stack protocol implemented in its operating system to be assigned both types of addresses.

Asa show crypto map one thing to make the world a better place

051-Proxy ACL And Crypto Map Configuration CISCO firewall (ASA)

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