Sport spread betting offers

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sport spread betting offers

Point spread betting is by far the most popular kind of way to sports bet on NFL, college football, NBA and college basketball. Leading sports spread betting from Sports Spread. Offering spread betters the chance to participate in the exciting and adrenaline-filled world of sports. So what is sports spread betting? Sports spread betting is a form of gambling on the outcome of a sporting event where the more right you are, the more you win. BEST NBA PROPS FOR TONIGHT

Like in financial spread betting, sports spread bettors benefit from tighter spreads Like in financial spread betting, sports spread bettors benefit from tighter spreads. The sports spread betting companies benefit from wider spreads. You may want to set up accounts with more than one sports spread betting company because one betting firm may, for example, usually offer tighter spreads on football match related bets, while another typically offers tighter spreads on tennis match related bets.

Should you sports spread bet — how good a spread bettor Whether or not sports spread betting is right for you basically depends on how good a bettor you are. This is because of the basic difference in bet structure between traditional sports betting and spread betting. But with sports betting, your profit or loss goes beyond just being right or wrong — it also depends, quite significantly, on by how much you are right or wrong. In sports spread betting, not just the overall outcome, but every point, counts.

This fact means that sports spread betting increases both your opportunity to rack up profits, but also the level of risk with losing bets. Unlike the case with traditional sports bets, you can lose more than your original bet stake.

The advantage of sports spread betting One advantage that sports spread betting offers over traditional sports betting is that many sports spread betting firms are willing to offer their clients credit for betting. The amount of credit offered, if any, is, of course, based on the creditworthiness of the individual spread bettor. As with financial spread betting, many sports spread bettors specialise, focusing their bets in one arena. A financial spread bettor might only place bets on gold, or precious metals markets, while a sports spread betting punter might only place bets on football matches.

How is sports spread betting regulated Sports spread betting in the UK is regulated by the same authority that governs financial spread betting — the Financial Conduct Authority FCA. This is because of the similarities between financial spread betting and sports spread betting.

There are similar levels of risk, and some sports spread betting firms offer credit just as financial spread betting companies do. Just as with financial spread betting, you should do your due diligence when choosing a sports spread betting firm. Make sure that that the sports spread betting company you choose to go with is a regulated one. Your choice of a sports spread betting firm may depend on the range of betting markets the firm offers.

The range of betting markets varies greatly. Some sports spread bet companies only offer sports spread betting. Some offer both sports spread betting and traditional fixed odds sports betting. If the Colts win by two points, you would lose the bet because they didn't hit the key number of three. The spread at -3 suggests the teams are fairly equal and maybe in this case, the Colts are only -3 because they are playing at home. Bookmakers see these teams as equal and expect to receive fairly even money from bettors.

In a spread bet, the odds are usually set at on both sides , depending on the sportsbook and state. If you like the Colts to win but think three points is a tricky number, a moneyline bet could be made on the winning team with no points in the equation. In the above example, a Colts moneyline bet doesn't have any other requirements other than they win the game.

The difference is that their odds may be set at to win.

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If you can think of it, it is very likely that Spreadex offers a spread bet on it. Not only the classics, like Corners in football or Batsman Runs in cricket — alongside long-term prices on every major and most minor sporting events — but more esoteric offerings as well such as Players Under Par in golf or how many points or aces a tennis player may score.

Get against a favourite rather than just backing a favourite Spread betting offers you the chance to get against a favourite by selling on the spread — this is the equivalent to laying a bet on a betting exchange. More on this is explained here.

Spread bet in-play Yes, you can bet in-play on fixed odds, but spread betting was the originator of in-play betting. The method of buying or selling means this is a very fluid way to bet on live events allowing you to either close out positions partially or completely during a match or event, or even change your mind and go completely the other way with your bet! Bet over a whole meeting or tournament rather than specific race or match Spread betting can allow you to take a longer-term view over a horse racing meeting or event, or over an entire sports tournament.

Bet on specific players or jockeys You can even use spread betting to drill down on to individual competitors in a race or match. For example, you could place a Player Performance bet on a football or cricket match, or with horse racing spread betting you can place a Match Bet on how well one horse will fare against another horse, or bet on the performance of a named jockey over a meeting or full festival.

The main difference between spread betting and fixed odds betting is that it is possible to lose more than your initial stake. Therefore you should keep these things in mind: 1. Understand the difference in volatility in different markets. For example, Total Goal Minutes in a football match is far more volatile than Total Goals in a football match.

Work out your worst potential downside. Taking the example above, if the Total Goals spread in a football match was 2. However, the Total Goal Minutes spread may be — so if you bought at , your worst case scenario of a draw here would mean you would lose times your stake. Manage your stakes. By using the example above, you can work out how much you should stake on each market to risk the same amount of your cash.

Alternatively, read on for more examples explaining how to place a sports spread bet. The widget shows in more detail how spread betting markets can differ in volatility. As explained above, the range of the outcome for a Total Goal Minutes football spread bet is far greater than for Total Goals. Therefore, it is important to choose a stake level you are comfortable with for different markets.

Try using the widget for different football markets to see how potential profit and loss levels can vary. This will help you practice sports spread betting and give you an idea of how the markets work before you try for real yourself.

Spreadex is quoting Total Goals at 2. The game does indeed prove to be a bit of a thriller, ending in a home win. Spreadex is quoting Total Goals at Your instincts prove correct, and the game ends in a draw. If any more than 2 goals were scored you would have ended up losing money. However when compared to sports spread betting, some of the limitations of the more traditional form of betting are revealed.

Take horse racing — perhaps the sport most associated with fixed odds betting. It can be very difficult to gain large returns backing a favourite, especially if it is odds-on. Please navigate through our content to get a greater understanding of spread betting and what it entails. SportsSpread offer this information to provide clients with a greater level of knowledge and if there is anything you believe we have not covered please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Spread betting with SportsSpread is simple and easy to understand. SportsSpread make a prediction on various sports and events and you, the client will then decide whether SportsSpread's prediction is either too high or too low. If you believe this person is smaller than 60 inches you would sell or if you believe this person is taller than 66 inches you would buy.

The amount you win or lose depends on the stake you choose. If you have chosen to sell at 60 inches, well then congratulations! What are the benefits of spread betting? The more your prediction is right the better off you will be and vise versa Spread betting opens you up to the opportunity of greater wins than with fixed odds betting.

This is because with spread betting you choose your stake and your stake multiplies by how many times you were right or wrong. This creates a huge level of excitement and anticipation that is not evident in fixed odds betting. SportsSpread suggests clients should start off with a stake they feel comfortable with and then increase their stake gradually 2. This means that clients can open or close a bet to lock in a profit or a loss. This is something you simply cannot do in fixed odds betting.

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