Tournament march madness

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tournament march madness

Experience March Madness® in Columbus March 17 & 19, at Nationwide Arena! The Ohio State University hosts the First and Second Rounds of the NCAA. Four and First and Second Round Sites. Regionals will be on sale November Don't miss your chance to score your seats and be a part of March Madness! Get the latest NCAA basketball tournament news, game schedules, predictions, and scores throughout March Madness with AP News. 5 STAR WAGERING

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But the NCAA also has failed to disclose what the revenues and costs are for the women's tournament, let alone how they measure up against the men's. Even if the numbers showed that the NCAA cannot economically justify the same level of bonuses for the women's tournament, it has never provided a good-faith reason it could not reward wins in a more limited fashion.

Doing so would at least give women some piece of the revenue pie. The NCAA, however, recently confirmed that it is not pushing for any changes in the bonus structure. As others have argued , the NCAA's refusal to reward the victories of teams in the women's tournament sends the message that it views women's teams as less worthy, at least financially. That message has always been unacceptable. The message sent as a result of the debacle in San Antonio is even more disturbing.

As the NCAA recognizes in its own Title IX guidance document , gender equity is not just about money; it is about benefits and opportunities. This includes benefits for player health, safety and well-being, particularly given that the NCAA decided to move forward with March Madness against the backdrop of a pandemic. There is nothing remotely equitable about using the most powerful branding to market the men's tournament but not the women's.

There is nothing remotely equitable about a handful of free weights versus a full-service fitness center. There is nothing remotely equitable about providing top-tier testing to ensure the health and safety of male student-athletes but relegating the women to the less reliable option especially given the NCAA's choice to hold the women's tournament in a state that recently threw Covid safety to the wind.

Unsurprisingly, the inequalities in the men's and women's bubbles have been met with significant backlash from players, coaches, fans and the media. The sponsors and investors have also pushed back. Dick's Sporting Goods announced its willingness to bring "truckloads of fitness equipment" to the rescue in San Antonio. Orange Theory Fitness similarly offered to open its studios for private sessions and to deliver floor and weight equipment.

These companies understand what the NCAA apparently remains ignorant of: Women's sports have value, especially in the commercial marketplace, and that value increases with investment, opportunity and support. The numbers and increasing viewership of the women's game substantiate this conclusion. In , ticket sales surged across the country during the regular season. A sellout crowd and 3. In response to its public shaming, the NCAA remedied the weight room problem by finding the resources it lacked previously — seemingly overnight.

But a Band-Aid is not a true fix. To remedy a systemic problem, the NCAA needs to undergo systemic changes. For that to happen, this momentum for change cannot fizzle out. For years, the NCAA appears to have been operating under the assumption that it can escape unscathed when it treats women's basketball as less than. That can no longer be the case. If the NCAA cannot be held legally accountable, it must be held socially accountable. Sixty-four teams participate in the first round.

From there, the field is narrowed down to 32 for the second round of competition. The third round is referred to as the Sweet 16, or regional semifinal, and the fourth round is best known as the Elite Eight or regional final. The fifth round, or national semifinal, is part of the Final Four, as is the sixth round, the national championship game. Where can I download a March Madness bracket? It's been estimated that around 70 million brackets are filled out each year across the country for company or family pools and nationwide contests.

The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are about 1 in If you filled out your bracket by flipping a coin or blindly guessing, your odds are much higher. No one has filled out a perfect bracket—that we know of—in the history of the NCAA tournament. With a state that does touch the East Coast, does the basketball world truly count Virginia as an East Coast team?

Michigan State is from the Midwest, while Auburn is from the South and Texas Tech is a Southwest team, thus they would not come as close to fitting the mold. If the Cavaliers fit the narrative of East Coast, then the trend could very well continue to prove true. Last year, Villanova won as the favorite. But, before those two chalked it up, Nova beat North Carolina as a dog in , Duke upset Wisconsin as a slight dog in , and Connecticut upset Kentucky as a major underdog in Will any of the three trends listed above hold?

Or, will Auburn and Texas Tech prove best? Get your popcorn ready and watch one of the greatest sports events in the U. Valvano would end up starting the Jimmy V. Foundation, one of the most important cancer research non-profit organizations in the world.

Today, Williams coaches North Carolina, which means Coach K and Williams have continued the rivalry that started in

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