Horse betting terms australia flag

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horse betting terms australia flag

A starting gate also called a starting barrier or starting stalls is a machine used to ensure a fair start to in horse racing and dog racing. Horse racing is something like a religion in Hong Kong, “Last leg of the Triple Trio,” he shouted in Australian-accented English. Leading British and Irish sportsbooks will also have best odds guaranteed promotions. Best odds guaranteed simply means that if you take a price and the. MALTA BETTING COMPANIES VACANCIES

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Lay — bet that an outcome will not occur. For example you could lay a bet against Hay List to win a race. Your lay bet wins if anyone except Hay List wins, and loses if Hay List does win. Unlike back bets, you double your money minus commissions if you are correct, and have to pay out at the agreed odds if you are wrong.

For this reason with a lay bet you are essentially playing the role of the bookmaker. Bet categories Single bet straight up bet — a bet on a single outcome within a particular event or tournament. Multi bet multiple, accumulator, parlay, all-up — a bet that includes simultaneous selections on two or more outcomes for two or more events. If a least one of the outcomes does not occur then the bet automatically loses. The multi bet odds equal the product of the individual selection odds.

Multi betting is discussed in detail later in the guide. The odds are fixed once the wager has been placed. Tote betting parimutuel betting — a form of wagering in which all bets of a particular type are placed together in a pool. In Australia it is known as the Tote after the totalisator which calculates and displays bets already placed. With the Tote the bookmaker displays the approximate odds that they believe you will receive.

This approximation is based on the quantities of bets received to that point. Starting Price SP — the odds at the on-course fixed-odds betting market at the time that a race begins. Top Tote Best Tote — a market that pays out using the highest odds from a range of Totes e. Mid Tote Midi Div — a market that pays out using the middle odds from a range of Totes e. Race types Flat racing — straightforward racing around a track Steeplechasing — races that involve jumping over fence and ditch obstacles Harness racing — races where horses trot or pace while pulling a driver in a cart known as a sulky Equine terms Note that in Australian Thoroughbred racing, colts and fillies are defined as less than four years old, while in the British Isles, Thoroughbred horse racing defines colts and fillies as less than five years old.

Colt — a male horse under the age of four Filly — a female horse under the age of four Foal — a horse of either sex less than one year old Gelding — a castrated male horse of any age Mare — a female horse that is four years old or more Pedigreed — a horse that has a known, recorded ancestry. This ancestry is often is tracked by a major registry.

Purebred purebreed — a horse that has been cultivated through the use of selected breeding Stallion — a non-castrated male horse four years old and older Thoroughbred — a breed of horse best known for its use in horse racing. Although the word thoroughbred is sometimes used to refer to any breed of purebred horse, it technically refers only to the Thoroughbred breed. Yearling — a horse of either sex that is between one and two years old Race wager types Win — a bet the the runner will place first Place — a bet that the runner will place first, second or third.

This bet is only offered if there are five or more runners. Canadian: Also known as a Super Yankee, the Canadian is a multiple bet consisting of 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5-fourfold accumulators and 1 fivefold accumulator. Chaser: A horse that takes part in Steeple Chases. This directly corelates with the claiming price of the horse. All horses can be claimed sold post-race. Classic: A word used to describe Classic races.

All races are restricted to horses aged 3. Clerk of the Course: The person responsible for upkeep of the course. Closer: A horse that tends to run better in the latter stages of the race, often from the back of the field. Conditional Jockey: A horse racing term for an apprentice National Hunt jockey.

Co-favourite: The title given to more than three horses that are equally likely to win a race and have the lowest odds. Connections: This generally refers to the owner s and trainer s of the horse. Those connected to the horse. Course Specialist: A horse that has either won or set a good time at a specific racecourse before.

Dam: The mother of a horse. Dead Heat: When two or more horses cross the finish line at exactly the same time. Distance: Usually refers to the length of a race or the amount of ground covered by a horse. Each-way: Refers to a bet that involves half your stake on the win and half on the place.

Even Money: A horse racing betting term for a stake that brings equal money back. Exacta: When you bet on horses to finish in first and second position in an exact order. Also referred to as a Forecast. Favourite: The favourite is the selection deemed most likely to win a race by virtue of the fact it has the shortest odds. Field: Refers to a field of runners, being the line-up of horses in a race Filly: A young female horse of up to four years old.

Forecast Bet: When you bet on a selected number of horses to finish first and second in an exact order. Furlong: A distance equal to yards. A mile consists of approximately 8 furlongs. Front-runner: A horse whose benefits from being at the front of the field of runners, often trying to lead the race from the start.

Going: A term that describes the condition of the race course surface, ranging from heavy to firm. Green: A horse may run green, generally meaning it shows a lack of racing experience. Group Race: Group Races are the highest level of races for thoroughbred horses. They are known as Grade races in the USA. Handicap Race: Where horses carry different weights, reflective of their ability with the aim of producing an even race. Joint-favourite: Two horses that have the joint shortest odds in a race Jolly: The favourite horse in any given race.

Judge: The person who decides the finishing order of the race. Juvenile: A two-year-old horse. Length: A racing measurement used to determine distances between each horse in the race. A length is considered the length of a horse. Long Shot: A horse with high odds that is considered to have only a small chance of winning the race.

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horse betting terms australia flag

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