List of dead cryptocurrencies

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list of dead cryptocurrencies

Another on the list of failed cryptocurrencies is SpaceBIT. SpaceBIT is one that received a lot of attention in and looked like it was. View cryptocurrencies that haven't had exchange trading activity in the past year. Many are failed ICOs, scams, and projects that never made it. What are Dead Coins? Dead Coins refer to cryptocurrencies that have been abandoned, used as scam, their website is down, has no nodes, has wallet issues, doesn'. AIDING AND ABETTING LAW UK FOLK

Its selling point is that Zilliqa is designed to complete thousands of transactions in a second and solve the problem of blockchain scalability. Regardless, the cryptocurrency has failed as a result of market conditions and preferences. Despite its ability to make a comeback, it still makes this list of failed cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin What started as an internet joke became the largest memecoin on the internet.

The cryptocurrency became popular due to its charitable nature and a large user base was established and it became a real coin to be used for exchanges. Unfortunately, the founder abruptly shut down the exchange and that was the end of this coin. Elon Musk made a tweet where he said Dogecoin would be accepted as payment for Tesla products. Hopefully, there is a future for Dogecoin.

SpaceBIT is one that received a lot of attention in and looked like it was going to be a smashing success. There was a lot of investment into making this coin and they had even launched nano-satellites as they wanted the digital currency to be accessible to all parts of the world. There was adequate preparation for this cryptocurrency but sadly, it still failed.

Nothing ever came out of this project and all news about SpaceBIT died after a while. What led to the death of this coin was that the digital currency was rushed and the security was compromised, all because they wanted to quickly build a huge user base. GetGems GetGems was another popular coin formed in It immediately went viral because it promoted electronic means of exchange.

The success of this coin looked like it was going to be a sure thing as most consumers were excited about its launch. Sadly, GetGems failed miserably and their popularity has dwindled into almost nothing. The founders were unable to fold up their promises and the importance of this cryptocurrency diminished. Squid Game Inspired by the popular South Korean Netflix series, the Squid Game token was launched and the tokens were to be used in a play-to-earn game that was supposed to be launched.

Like some cryptocurrencies that have failed, the failure of this coin wasn't caused by fraudulent founders but by malicious attacks. Ekta Ekta is a failed cryptocurrency that launched on the bases of connecting digital worlds by tokenizing actual goods. The coin is currently suspended. In , someone with insider access to the Pancake Swap and bridge smart contracts hacked Ekta. The team has not revealed any further details regarding the incident just so they can tackle it themselves.

However, they have stopped their trading in the meantime and hope to restart soon. Its poor organizational structure and previous scam attempts by the same company make this coin a Ponzi scheme and a dead cryptocurrency. Ruja Ignatova vanished in , and her brother, Konstantin Ignatov, stood in place for her. Most of the leaders of Onecoin have since vanished or been jailed, with the exception of Ruja Ignatova who is nowhere to be found. Her brother Konstantin Ignatov pleaded guilty to money laundering and fraud charges in November It was introduced in by an experienced group of professionals, which made the growing consumer base confident.

Its popularity grew over time, and the investors who traded with it began to put their trust in DAO. Most cryptocurrency users had expected this medium of trade to emerge, therefore its emergence was not unexpected. Unfortunately, it faded away in the crypto market after some time. I just feel I could do the job better His fingers closed around the slick branch of a freshly cut tree. He lifted it out of the water, examined it, then let it drop again. A red mangrove, bulldozed, ripped out by the roots and dumped on the flats.

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