Orania cryptocurrency

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orania cryptocurrency

Pan Orania resident Monja Strydom selects an item to purchase at a hardware electronic money, or so-called crypto money and maybe even private money. Recommended Reviews - vegas.vegasbets.onlinerant · Yes. Takes Reservations · No. Offers Delivery. Offers Takeout. Accepts Cryptocurrency. Wheelchair Accessible. Good For. Orania, in accordance with South Africa's constitution, has no formal law banning black residents, but in practice only Afrikaner residents. ELIZABETH HASSELHOFF REPLACEMENT

The town is also seeking energy independence through solar, in a country largely powered by coal and deep into an energy crisis. Prospective residents are vetted and must have no criminal record. Would-be residents must "share the values and subscribe" to the town's goals, he said, insisting Orania was not "racist" or a "desperate grasp back to apartheid". Boshoff said there was nothing stopping any non-white Afrikaners from applying -- only no-one ever did.

Orania's population has grown by up to 17 percent annually in recent years, and in new business creations were up by a quarter, said Strydom. Tourism is one of the main business activities, attracting an average 10, visitors annually. When AFP journalists were in Orania recently, some traditional royal emissaries from the Xhosa and Tswana ethnic groups were in town on a "diplomatic" visit.

Whether right or wrong, there is a success story in there somewhere," said Gaboilelwe Moroka, year-old chief of the Barolong Boo Seleka, part of Tswana ethnic group in neighbouring Free State province. Boshoff, the grandson of the architect of apartheid Hendrik Verwoerd, argued that Afrikaners created Orania because they needed a place to call home.

Orania has "become part of the South African landscape", he said, after delivering a Sunday morning sermon at a Dutch Reformed church. Private towns such as Orania are not unusual, said municipality governance expert Sandile Swana. Another Afrikaner-only town, Kleinfontein, lies some 30 kilometres 18 miles outside the capital of the "Rainbow Nation", Pretoria.

South Africa's first black president, Nelson Mandela, strove relentlessly to reconcile the deeply divided country. He visited Orania in and had tea with Verwoerd's widow. A white teaset they drank from is among the memorabilia neatly arranged in an unassuming white house where Betsie Verwoerd spent her last years. Outside the church, Ranci Pizer, a year-old former government worker who relocated to Orania from Pretoria in December, said she enjoyed having more social interaction with neighbours on the streets.

A short drive up a hill is a collection of statues donated by people who no longer wanted anything to do with Afrikaner history after the fall of apartheid. The town maintains their unique racial makeup with heavy vetting and interviews for potential residents. Could you be next big winner? Independent Currency In Orania formed their own independent currency, the Ora, which is a paper money-styled voucher or token.

It is used within Orania as a way to promote the local economy and encourage growth and further self-sustainability. Users of the Ora are entitled to discounts currently as an incentive to make use of it. As a paper currency in an independent microstate, however, the Ora has costs involved in printing and transferring the currency which is hampering its acceptance and growth. E-Ora While the Ora is nowhere near the same as the Dollar, or the South African Rand for that matter — currently accessible for trade at the so-called reserve bank in exchange for a Rand at one-to-one — neither will the E-Ora be like Bitcoin.

The idea is that the E-Ora will eventually replace the fiat currency currently circulating, and despite the racist and inhumane social policies of the town, the economic case study it could present would be an invaluable digital economic lesson. According to Dawie Roodt , chief economist at the Efficient Group , a financial consultancy hoping to help the town reduce the transaction costs of the paper Oora: What we plan to do is to digitize the existing physical ora and replace it with an electronic one, […] If you can reduce the cost of the transaction, you can boost economic activity quite substantially.

So if I can go further and build my own economy with that, I definitely welcome that. The belief is that if paper money is totally removed from a town, a city, perhaps even a country and the entire planet, there will be a boost to the economy as transaction fees, as well as those involved in minting and printing money, will be null.

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Orania residents fund solar plant projects for their town

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