Donald trump bitcoin

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donald trump bitcoin

Have you heard of the cryptocurrency TrumpCoin? No? Apparently, neither had Donald Trump and his family that is, until yesterday. Donald Trump is seemingly now in the cryptocurrency game after he was gifted billion “Let's Go [Brandon]” tokens by a blundering. 's price today is US$, with a hour trading volume of $1, is +% in the last 24 hours. It is currently % from its 7-day all-time high. ORDER FLOW INDICATOR FOREX SIGNAL

Warren has been far more vocal, declaring that crypto puts the financial system "at the whims of some shadowy, faceless group of super-coders and miners. NFTs are the blockchain-based tokens used to signify ownership over a digital or physical asset. Her NFT collection launched on Solana, which led a Solana Labs spokesperson to reach out to Decrypt and clarify that the company wasn't involved in her project.

MoonPay, which Melania had claimed would handle future NFT payments, also attempted to distance themselves from her collection. The auction winner's address was loaded with the requisite funds by an address which, in turn, was funded by the address that created Melania's NFT.

The Office of Melania Trump, according to Vice, "did not respond to follow-up questions regarding the identity of the alleged mystery buyer, how the transaction was conducted, if it was conducted in USD, and how much USD the buyer ultimately paid. Trump for President Inc. That Twitter account has since been deleted. But conservatives looking for meme coins have other options. Just this last year, Edward Snowden leaked information that suggested that the National Security Agency is capable of tracking Bitcoin users and their transactions.

If you want to perform illegal behaviors, a public ledger is hardly the place you want to conduct transactions. US dollars coming out of the ATM machines at your local bank are more likely than Bitcoin to be used for money laundering and illegal drug exchange.

President Trump is unquestionably a proponent of economic nationalism— Ludwig von Mises would designate his trade wars with China as such—so there is reason to believe that he is afraid of the US dollar losing its hegemonic dominance as a world reserve currency. Perhaps President Trump has received notice of these efforts and that is why he chose to publicly denounce Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this past week.

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Bitcoin Is Tanking, Trump Trashes Crypto \u0026 The FBI Breaks the Code - The Daily Show


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Bitcoin Is Tanking, Trump Trashes Crypto \u0026 The FBI Breaks the Code - The Daily Show

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