Horse betting terms ukiah

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horse betting terms ukiah

Ukiah Adventist Hospital d/b/a Ukiah Valley Medical Center ("Ukiah" or "the to many employers and to entire industries such as horse-racing and. "Claiming race" means a race in which any horse entered therein may be claimed in conformity with the rules established by the board. (). Ships from Ukiah, CA. for Horse Lover Girl Silver Horse Charm, Horse Racing Gifts, Gymkhana I bought this as a birthday gift for a horse-lover. 1 2 IN DECIMAL FORM BETTING LINES

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F The shortest-priced horse in a race. Fold The fold is the number of selections in one accumulator. G Goliath The Goliath places a mammoth bets on eight horses in eight different races. It comprises 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds and an eightfold accumulator. H Heinz This bet is made up of 57 bets placed on six different horses. It consists of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and a sixfold accumulator. I A bet placed during the live race.

In the frame A horse that finishes in the places. J Two horses that have the same odds at the top of the market. Jolly A slang word for the favourite in a race. L A bet on a horse to lose a race rather than to win. Longshot Refers to a horse whose price is bigger in the market. Lucky 15 A bet that consists of four horses and places fifteen different bets on the four horses - 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

M Market mover This refers to a horse whose price changes prior to the race, either lengthening or shortening. Multiple A bet consisting of more than one selection. O The price of a horse to win a race. Odds-against The price of a horse is longer than evens. Your winning profit is more than the amount you staked. Odds-on The price of the horse is shorter than evens. Your winning profit is less than the amount you stake. P Patent A bet comprising 7 bets - 1 single, 3 doubles and 1 treble.

It is made up of 3 selections and one horse must win to yield a return. Drifter — A horse whose price increases before the race begins. Dual forecast — A reverse forecast, also known as dual forecast, is a wager where the goal is to predict the winner or runner-up in any order. Dutch — backing two or more horses in a race increases your chances of finding the winner, but it is generally at lower odds.

Each way — Half of the stake is required to place the selection. The outcome of the bet will determine how it is settled. Edge — A punters have an advantage in a bet Evens — A price Equal winnings are possible with your stake: e. Favourite — The market leader and the shortest-priced horse in the race. Fold — A fold is the number of selections in an accumulation. A four-fold is a bet that has 4 legs and 1 bet.

All of these must win to earn a return. Forecast — This bet is on the outcome of a race. Straight forecasts are the winners and runners-up in the correct order. Goliath — This bet consists of wagers that involve 8 selections. This bet has 28 doubles and 56 trebles. It also includes 70 four-folds. To get a return, you must win at least 2 of your selections.

Hedging — To guarantee winnings or cut losses, you can place a wager on an opposing outcome to the original outcome. Heinz — This bet consists of 57 different bets that involve 6 selections from different events. This bet includes 15 doubles and 20 trebles as well as 6 five-folds, six four-folds, and an accumulator. To get a return, you must win at least two of your selections.

In the frame — A term that refers to a horse that has completed in the places. In-running — A bet that is placed before or during the race. Joint favourite — Two horses are considered joint favorites if they have the lowest odds of winning in the betting.

Jolly — An alternative term for the favorite on the market. Lay — Place a bet that a horse will not win or place. This is the opposite of backing a horse. Longshot — A horse that appears unfamed on the market shot, etc. Lucky 15 — This bet consists of 15 different bets that involve 4 selections from different events. This bet includes 4 singles and 6 doubles as well as 4 trebles and 1 fourfold. For a guaranteed return, only one selection must win.

Market Movers — Selection that has a significant price change, either by increasing or decreasing the odds drifting , Match betting — Fixed odds are a technique that is used by many to trade on the exchange market. This technique can cover multiple outcomes through either in-play betting, or by looking for differences in the odds offered by bookmakers. This broad term could be used to refer to either a simple accumulator, or more complicated bets such as Lucky Nap — is the best tipper bet.

Odds — A chance to win. Also called price Odds compiler — The person who determines the odds of a race being offered by a bookmaker. Odds-against — A higher price than the evens. If the stake is higher than the possible winnings, you are betting odds. Odds-on — A shorter price than the odds. If the bet succeeds, the stake will be higher than the winnings. On the nose — A phrase that describes a narrow win margin. Often used for photo-finish winners.

It may or not have been a win by a nose. Overround — A practice that factors in a profit margin on prices offered by a bookmaker. Patent — A 7-bet bet involving 3 selections. Include one on each selection plus 3 doubles or 1 triple. Only one winning selection will guarantee a return. Permutations — also known as combination betting. A permutation is a wager that includes a variety of choices. Place — to finish in the places, you must back a horse.

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