Returns on a yankee betting

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returns on a yankee betting

Use the Yankee return calculator to work out your winnings online for all sports. Free, easy to use and mobile friendly bet calculator. The Yankee bet and its meaning lies in the fact that a large number of bets increase the chances of making a return; if more than two selections. You make four selections across four different events and combine the wagers into a Yankee bet. A $1 Yankee bet will cost $11, as $1 is placed on each of the. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS VS PHOENIX SUNS

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returns on a yankee betting

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Your eleven possible combinations on four selections guarantee a return on your investment with only two of your selection winning. There is also a better profit potential with Yankee bet. One major disadvantage of a Yankee bet lies in the fact that it does require a higher stake. The maths is simple and clear. The fact that punters are making 11 bets instead on one, makes the stakes much higher.

Punters need to make a judgement call after considering whether the increased chance of winning is worth the higher stake associated with it. Another disadvantage is that Yankee betting system is a full coverage bet that require a fair bit of skill to effectively utilize. To place a Yankee online the first step will always be to add four selections to your betting slip. Navigate to the sport, match, market and selection you want to make and with most bookies you simply need to click on the odds.

Repeat this process then head to the slip which is normally located in the top right. As with all steps described here, there may well be variations from one bookmaker to the next. You may well see the option to place a Yankee, with most of the top online betting sites that we work with now offering smart betting slips that present you with just about every available bet automatically.

It really is very simple, although note that if some of your slips contravene the rules with regards to related contingencies you will get an error message. The other potential issue is that some sites do not, or certainly did not in the past, allow Yankees that spanned a range of sports. If you are not presented with the option to place a Yankee for this or any other reason maybe your bookie does not offer these multiples automatically then you can go about things manually.

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What Is A Yankee Bet? - Yankee Bet Explained


A Yankee is a multiple bet that includes 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4-fold accumulator bet from 4 selections. You need at least 2 winning selections to get a return from this type of bet due to the 6 doubles. Your return will increase with the trebles and 4-fold bets should more of your selections win. How do you work out a Yankee bet? To work out your returns for the 11 potential winning combinations in a Yankee bet, the simplest way is to use our bet calculator.

To manually work out a Yankee bet, you will need the decimal odds for each selection. Then multiply the odds for each of the 11 bets and multiply the result by your unit stake. About AceOdds AceOdds provides the most comprehensive and reliable suite of bet calculators, with over 50, bets calculated daily. In the Yankee wager, there need to be 2 or more successful selections to give a return. Note that the Yankee typically ignores singles and focuses staking power on more profitable multiple bets that provide more significant returns.

If you want a payout on the bet, a minimum of two of your wagers should be accurate. Depending on your expertise and the volatility of horse racing, making 2 correct selections may come easily. Before benefiting from the Yankee, you need to create an account with a reputable sportsbook like Sport , Betway , or Paddy Power and enjoy their offers.

Yankee Bet in Football The Yankee bet in football follows the fundamental principles of the wagering type. You can take all the combinations of 4 teams in soccer instead of taking one wager multiple with 4 teams. The combination bets for the teams result in 11 different stakes. When using football bookmakers, here are the steps to follow for a Yankee football bet: Create an account with a bookie for football like Betway or Sport. Enter the betting amount.

Place the wager. Yankee Bet in Horse Racing Placing a Yankee bet in horse racing is similar to the steps you need to wager in soccer bookmakers. Ensure that you pick 4 appropriate horses across 4 various races. If 2 of them win, you will receive a payout.

Here are the steps to follow when placing a Yankee horse bet: Create an account with one of the reputable horse racing bookies. How to Calculate a Yankee Bet One of the most advisable ways to calculate a Yankee bet is by using a calculator.

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What is a Yankee Bet?

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