Oscar darmawan bitcoins

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oscar darmawan bitcoins

According to Chief Executive Officer Oscar Darmawan, INDODAX, formerly known as vegas.vegasbets.online, will have million members buying and selling digital. The Biggest Indonesia Bitcoin Exchange that act as bitcoin's support backbone for the entire finance ecosystem in Indonesia. Oscar Darmawan, CEO. vegas.vegasbets.online, Jakarta - Bitcoin Indonesia CEO Oscar Darmawan says that Bitcoin is not a currency. Therefore, he expects the government to issue a regulationon. UK FOREX MONEY TRANSFER REVIEWS OF LONDON

However, this is different from the Islamic economic system that only recognizes the function of money as a medium of exchange and unit of account. As for the store of value and standard of deferred payment is still a debate among Islamic economists Hasan, Islam does not set in detail how the terms of a currency because when Islam emerged already contained the currency first.

Based on the agreement the terms of the currency are: 1 acceptability the money is widely accepted by the public and its users , 5 divisibility can be divided into smaller fractions , 6 legal tender no government guarantee , 7 portability easy to carry anywhere , and 8 durability last long and not easily damaged when stored Nubika, In the European Central Bank defines as a form of non-regulated currency created and supervised by the developer for use by its specialized members of the virtual community Sondakh, While the US Department of Treasury in states explicitly that virtual money as a medium of exchange that operates like a currency in certain environments, but does not have any attribute as a real currency.

So virtual money has no definition as legal tender. In the case of regulation itself, circulation cannot be controlled by the local Bank Central. What distinguishes the virtual money with electronic money digital is related to its existence that still has the original money underlying. As often used in debit card transactions, e-cash, e-tol, go-pay, and the like, the numbers shown in the digital nominal are representations of the ownership of a certain amount of fiat nominal value.

In this case the ministry of finance and Bank Central have regulation related to this matter and its circulation can still be supervised. As a currency, money cannot be a commodity at the same time, because fiqh law has different rules between commodities and currencies. Money will not be used as an investment object because money is a medium of payment.

While the need to offer consumer protection is legitimate, a 40, percent dichotomy in capital requirement for cryptos and mainstream commodities futures trading is seen by industry commentators as excessive.

According to Darmawan, these regulations are counterproductive to the growth of the virtual currency industry. In terms of the rupiah, the new weekly BTC trading volume stands at 4. Do you think the minimum capital requirement imposed on Indonesian BTC futures brokerages is exorbitant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Image courtesy of coin. For updates and exclusive offers enter your email. Sign Up I consent to my submitted data being collected and stored.

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Oscar Darmawan: Anyone can use Bitcoin in Indonesia, but not as payment oscar darmawan bitcoins

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