Investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 3-5-2

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investing the pyramid the history of football tactics 3-5-2

April 20, , will go down in history as the day when European football was saved, and in large part, saved by the fans of the game. Appendix I – NSCAA Coaching Academy Continuing Education Topic: Coach midfielders and forwards to combine attacking in a Coaching Methodology. Hendrik Johannes Cruijff was a Dutch professional football player and manager. As a player, he won the Ballon d'Or three times, in , and IS ONLINE HORSE BETTING LEGAL IN MISSOURI WHAT PERCENT

The beautiful game , for him, is about as much the entertainment and joy as the results. In thinking of Cruyff, the victory is truly meaningful when it can fully capture the minds and hearts of competitors and spectators. As he once noted, "Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring,". He sees simplicity and beauty as inseparable. But playing simple football is the hardest thing", as Cruyff once summed up his fundamental philosophy.

To play well, you need good players, but a good player almost always has the problem of a lack of efficiency. He always wants to do things prettier than strictly necessary. It was neither carried out to embarrass the opponent nor to excite the watching crowd, but because Cruyff estimated that it was the simplest method in terms of effort and risk versus expected result to beat his opponent.

Cruyff looked to pass or cross the ball, then, instead of kicking it, he dragged the ball behind his planted foot with the inside of his other foot, turned through degrees, and accelerated away. I thought I'd win the ball for sure, but he tricked me.

I was not humiliated. I had no chance. Cruyff was a genius. Because you play football with your head, and your legs are there to help you. If you don't use your head, using your feet won't be sufficient.

Why does a player have to chase the ball? Because he started running too late. You have to pay attention, use your brain and find the right position. If you get to the ball late, it means you chose the wrong position. Bergkamp was never late. As he put it, "Every trainer talks about movement, about running a lot. I say don't run so much. Football is a game you play with your brain. You have to be in the right place at the right moment, not too early, not too late.

Cruyff once compared his more intuitive and individualistic approach with Louis van Gaal's more mechanized and rigid coaching style, "Van Gaal has a good vision on football. But it's not mine. He wants to gel winning teams and has a militaristic way of working with his tactics.

I don't. I want individuals to think for themselves and take the decision on the pitch that is best for the situation I don't have anything against computers, but you judge football players intuitively and with your heart. On the basis of the criteria which are now in use at Ajax [recommended by Van Gaal] I would have failed the test. When I was 15, I could barely kick the ball 15 metres with my left and with the right maybe 20 metres.

I would not have been able to take a corner. Besides, I was physically weak and relatively slow. My two qualities were great technique and insight, which happen to be two things you cannot measure with a computer. For humility, Cruyff did not put himself in there, but there is a spot for his pupil, Pep Guardiola and his former teammates, Ruud Krol and Piet Keizer.

It's a typically attacking line-up but Cruyff explains the selection in detail. It turns out that some of the numbers coincide completely with natural laws — the position of the moon at certain times and so on. And it makes you think: how is it possible that those ancient people built something so scientifically complex? They must have had something that we don't, even though we always think that we're a lot more advanced than they were.

Take Rembrandt and van Gogh : who can match them today? When I think that way, I'm increasingly convinced that everything is actually possible. If they managed to do the impossible nearly five thousand years ago, why can't we do it today? That applies equally to football, but also to something like the Cruyff Courts and school sports grounds.

My fourteen rules are set out for every court and every school sports ground to follow. They are there to teach young people that sports and games can also be translated into everyday life. The trick was famously employed by Cruyff during the World Cup. Johan Cruyff Institute , an educational institution, founded by Johan Cruyff, aimed at educating athletes, sport and business professionals in the field of sport management , sport marketing , football business, sponsorship and coaching through a network that currently has five Johan Cruyff Institute postgraduate and executive education , three Johan Cruyff Academy graduate education and five Johan Cruyff College vocational training.

Johan Cruyff Foundation , founded in from the wish of Cruyff to give children the opportunity to play and be active. Johan Cruyff Academy, offers elite athletes an opportunity to balance sports with a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration programme in Sport Marketing, a learning track of Commercial Economics.

These Johan Cruyff Academy are part of Dutch universities of applied science. Johan Cruyff College, offers elite athletes from all kinds of sports an opportunity to balance sport with vocational education. The programmes of the Johan Cruyff College are designed for students who practice sports at the highest levels in The Netherlands, and are delivered in Dutch. Cruyff Courts , smaller sized football fields suitable for seven-a-side game. A Cruyff Court is a modern alternative to the ancient green public playground, which one could find in a lot of neighbourhoods and districts, but that over the years has been sacrificed due to urbanisation and expansion.

In the book, Dutch football's ideas in particular Cruyff's effectively related to the use of space in Dutch painting and Dutch architecture. In , the Italian-language documentary film Il profeta del gol was directed by Sandro Ciotti. The documentary narrates the successes of Johan Cruyff's football career in the s.

In , the documentary film Johan Cruijff — En un momento dado "Johan Cruijff — At Any Given Moment" was made by Ramon Gieling and charts the years Cruyff spent at Barcelona, the club where he had the most profound effect in both a footballing and cultural sense.

In it lead singer Antony Genn described his partner as "Better than Elvis in his '68 comeback, Better than Cruyff in ' I think I wasn't the only one in Europe. They are famous for their Amsterdam dialect and incorrect grammar, and often feature tautologies and paradoxes. The quote has been used for the title of a documentary about Cruyff's life: Johan Cruijff — En un momento dado. In the Netherlands, his most famous one-liner is "Ieder nadeel heb z'n voordeel" "Every disadvantage has its advantage" and his way of expressing himself has been dubbed " Cruijffiaans ".

Cruyff rarely limited himself to a single line though, and in a comparison with the equally oracular but reserved football manager Rinus Michels, Kees Fens equated Cruyff's monologues to experimental prose, "without a subject, only an attempt to drop words in a sea of uncertainty Upon arriving in Barcelona, the Spanish branch of Polydor decided to release the single in Spain as well, where it was rather popular. He used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day prior to undergoing double heart bypass surgery in while he was the coach of Barcelona.

Cruyff was forced to immediately give up smoking , and he made an anti-smoking advertisement for the Catalan Department of Health. In the TV spot , Cruyff is dressed like a manager in a long trench coat combined with collared shirt and necktie. He performed keepy-uppies with a pack of cigarettes by juggling it 16 times — using feet, thighs , knees , heel , chest, shoulder, and head like holding up a ball — before volleying it away.

Throughout the commercial he speaks in Catalan about the dangers of smoking. Cruyff was working on another book, also using De Jong's photographs, and claimed unsuccessfully that Tirion's book violated his trademark and portrait rights. In , a public poll in the Netherlands to determine the greatest Dutchman " De Grootste Nederlander " named Cruyff the 6th-greatest Dutchman of all time, with Cruyff finishing above Rembrandt 9th and Vincent van Gogh 10th.

In the Sandro Ciotti's documentary film Il Profeta del gol , Cruyff said, "I like to drive for the 20 km that separate the training camp from my house, it relaxes me. I love the cars. He began to imagine creating a range of footwear himself to challenge the technical and luxury qualities of those on the market beforehand.

After a few years of trying and failing to encourage big sportswear brands to take his idea seriously, after all this was quite an unusual ambition of a professional sportsman at the time. Eventually he combined with his close friend, Italian designer Emilio Lazzarini, and using his knowledge he set out to create a technical shoe which managed to balance functionality with elegance. Initially the range was filled with "luxury" indoor football shoes, but they quickly became used as a fashion shoe due to their attractive appearance.

And so Cruyff Classics brand was born. How well I remember seeing Cruyff surrounded by journalists from all over the world in to whose questions he replied almost casually in a multiplicity of languages. This had a great influence on his future career and character. He was renowned for his strong personality. His character, both in and beyond the footballing world, was much described as the complicated combination of an idealist, [] individualist, libertarian, collectivist, romantic, purist, pragmatist, rebel, [] and even despot.

And Cruyff decided his time in Amsterdam had come to an end. He joined Barcelona just weeks later, two years before the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco died, maintaining to the European press corps en route that he chose Barcelona over rivals Real Madrid because he could never join a club " associated with Franco ". The president of Ajax wanted to sell me to Real Madrid, Barcelona weren't at the same level as Madrid football wise, but it was a challenge to play for a Catalan club.

Barcelona was more than a club. This angered Cruyff and he responded by signing for Ajax's archrivals Feyenoord. Cruyff's season at Feyenoord was a successful one in which the club won the Eredivisie for the first time in a decade, part of a league and KNVB Cup double. At the World Cup, he was under contract with Puma in a deal that prohibited him from promoting other sports brands. As the tournament approached, Cruyff flatly refused to wear Adidas 's trademark three black stripes on his No.

The Netherlands national football association had little choice but to honour the wishes of their best player, and Dutch officials eventually persuaded Adidas to design a separate jersey just for Cruyff, with just two stripes running along the sleeves.

The starting players usually wore jerseys from 1 to 11 and the substitutes from 12 to Cruyff's usual number was 9. However, in the locker room before the match, teammate Gerrie Muhren could not find his number 7 jersey. Cruyff offered his shirt to Muhren and went to the basket to pick another one at random. It happened to be the number As Cruyff was the first player on the roster, he would be number 1, but he refused and insisted on wearing his lucky number Although the number 14 had become a trademark for Cruyff, he could be seen wearing his old number 9 on other occasions, like during most of his career for FC Barcelona , because the league demanded starting players were numbered 1 to 11, [] or for Netherlands in the European Championship.

In , Ajax retired Cruyff's number In his native Netherlands, there was always a love—hate relationship between Cruyff and his fellow countrymen. He only cares about the result and does not care much for good football. He loves an argument, and his conflict-model method of working can be bruising. Battles with club presidents and teammates led to ruptures, especially at Ajax and Barcelona, the two clubs that defined his career.

A perfectionist , he always had a strong opinion about things and was loyal to his principles even more than anything else in the football world. I am Dutch but I support the football that Spain is playing. Spain's style is the style of Barcelona The Qatar Foundation , run by Sheikha Mozah , became the first shirt sponsor in Barcelona's year history.

We have sold this uniqueness for about six percent of our budget. I understand that we are currently losing more than we are earning. However, by selling the shirt it shows me that we are not being creative, and that we have become vulgar. There are problems with the values within the game. This is sad because football is the most beautiful game.

We can play it in the street. We can play it everywhere. Everyone can play it whether you're tall or small, fat or thin. But those values are being lost. We have to bring them back. They started dating, and on 2 December , at the age of 21, he married Danny. Her father was Dutch businessman Cor Coster who also happened to be Cruyff's agent. Henry, the owner of Liverpool, put out a video where he apologized to the fans for letting them down.

Arsenal also apologized to their fans, even going so far as to admit they were wrong. So the damage was done. But what happens now? That way, the club members will have a say in the dealings of the club and stop events like the takeover of Manchester United by the Glazer family.

These legends of the game overcame adversity and etched their name in football folklore, but only because football was open for everyone. The Super League threatened to erase the traditions of the game for over seventy years of European Football, but the fans of the game through their vocal outcries, stopped it all from happening.

Fans 1, Super League owners 0. So there it is! How fans of the game stopped the European Super League from happening. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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Why Back-Three Formations Are Increasing in Popularity - 3-4-3/3-5-2 Tactics


David Winner's Brilliant Orange was a good companion of mine during my short stay in Holland, as I try to understand Dutch culture through its football tactics. Steve Bloomfield's Africa United attempted to explain the lives of people in many different African countries through football.

From the early times of organized matches in England to the Dynamo Kiew scientific approach and the end of the enganche era of players like Riquelme. I learned about the early formation, which led to the way shirt numberings became i. And how a formation with one less defender may end up being more defensive than a traditional back four i. The Italian catenaccio evolved during a period of lacking confidence, an Italian society that had lived through invasions after another.

As the Italian society dug deep, defended its nation, and waited for the best opportunity to pounce, these sentiments and feelings were transpired into its football tactics. Nor the reason that many African countries have strong midfielders capable of making vertical runs think Yaya Toure and Michael Essien is because football pitches in Africa are mostly long, narrow, clogged by players, and hugged on its sides by a sewer or garbage dump.

I also enjoyed the recurring themes framing football tactics over the years. As well, the debate between those who favor a system of tactics and those who highlight the individual brilliance of players. How to strike a balance between these extremes to come up with not only the best team, but most importantly, the best-looking team. To some, this would be observed simply as a matter of the football pitch. But to me, this looks so much like our society. The contests between realists and idealists in international relations.

The tensions between individual freedoms and communal responsibility, between democracy and authoritarian efficacy. Otherwise football dies. We invent new things, come up with new ideas. All for the purpose of survival. Those who can, will proceed.

The same is for football. More than a game, football should be seen as a form of art, and football players as artists. The managers, the people with the music sheet, are the music conductor, leading the entire ensemble on a musical journey. Of course, the music written is often colored immensely by the culture, experience, and lives of these musicians, particularly the conductor.

And so, if football is art, and art imitates life. Then, would it mean that football imitates life? Also, in case the ball is lost, the midfielders need to be in positions where they can stop a counter-attack and protect the back 2. Once the ball has worked its way forward to the attackers, they could be expected to use positional rotations. This is a way to create space and disorganise the opponent's defence by giving the attackers freedom. One idea could be when the ball is out to a wide player, one of the central attackers can look to move into the wide-area to create a 2v1 situation, the central attacker can then take control of the ball whilst the winger then takes up the position the central attacker was occupying.

Defending Defending is where you can have issues when starting out with a formation and I'm pretty sure everyone can spot the weakness, the flank areas. Having just two CBs leaves a massive space out wide for teams to attack which is why it would be essential to do most of your defending in central areas. You may want to force your opponent into the central areas as a trap in order to win the ball OR you can allow your opponents to have the flank area if you don't consider that a dangerous area to concede but either way, pressing would have to be done expertly to make sure players are not leaving their positions at times that would leave spaces for the opponents to then attack your defence directly.

Starting off with a lower line of engagement or mid-block may be wise to force your opponents to play out a little. Having your attackers inviting pressure rather than closing down may give your team some solidarity and make the opponents think twice with the ball as they know one direct ball can beat all 5 attackers. So if it's pressing we want, the pressing can be done in the middle of the park where it's much safer.

RDF's Conclusion As crazy as this formation looks on papers, it's something that many teams use or attempt to achieve when transitioning. The game back in the s, compared to now of course, is different. The intelligence of some coaches now allow for formations like this to work their way back into the game as they have fresh tactical ideas and most coaches now prefer to play adventurous football and using a shape like this can only mean you want to attack, you have no other option.

Question is, are you brave enough to coach your team to play this way? Thank you for reading. Off the ball, we want to press slightly to win the ball back because, despite our attacking nature and direct style of play, we still rack up a high possession number and this tactic, of course, will be more effective when you are on the ball. We also deploy a mid-block for the reasons explained earlier in the blog. In midfield, to try and add stability rather than creativity, we have not one, not two but three deep-lying playmakers.

All three midfielders, naturally, will hold their position and cover both attackers and defenders, adding glue and stability.

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3-5-2 tactics! The principles! Attacking-defending!

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