Between a rock and a hard place runescape quest

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between a rock and a hard place runescape quest

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf; Between a Rock Walkthrough. Intro: Missing person reports have been flooding in from Keldagrim East, but. Quite easy and not too long Quest with low requirements, good for gaining some additional early Mining Experience. Between a Rock. Quests are essential for advancing in Old School Runescape. There are many bosses, locations, mini-games, skills, items, spell books and so on that require. BEST BITCOIN VENDOR

Goddard commented that, even though Jagex is waiting for the response, "not only are we in a strong position already to answer many of the suggestions they may make, but we're also trying to be far ahead of it", and "I don't think that any business should sit back and think they do everything right when it comes to player support and player safety.

That's why we're looking very, very proactively into what we can do and not just follow what we're told to do, but lead in that area". Still, despite Jagex's readiness to listen to the committee's feedback, the report, and the evidence it held, reignited arguments about the place of monetisation and loot boxes in RuneScape, which encapsulate the discussion of these features in video games as a whole.

Loot boxes and in-game currency stores may be described as optional, but the services and items they provide are attractive to players, particularly in live service games where there is often a pressure to maintain the same level of progress as the rest of the player community. RuneScape players can easily fall prey to this trap, because some of the game's best content, such as quests or new locations, are locked behind high skill requirements.

It's also impossible to avoid the microtransactions that exist in RuneScape. Every time you log in to the game you're taken to the lobby. Here you'll find adverts for the latest deals in Solomon's General Store or the Treasure Hunter promotion.

Once you enter the game itself, an icon to open Treasure Hunter will appear in the top-left hand corner of your screen, which you have to manually close. The temptation to spend is always present and it shouldn't be. The login lobby for RuneScape. The question Jagex is tackling now is, how does it regain the trust of players who've become disenchanted with its implementation of monetisation? Jagex's answer is a willingness to experiment with both its live events and monetisation methods, with the goal of evolving beyond the current loot box system to one that is more appealing to players.

This will also include revitalising and reworking older forms of monetisation, such as Solomon's General Store, over the coming years. Matt Casey said the aim of restructuring the monetisation with RuneScape is: "We want players to feel any content they paid for is done in a generous way, represents good value for money, and we want to be transparent with those systems. The difference being that, rather than having the event occur over the actual weekend, each player was instead given an allotted 36 hours of double XP to use throughout this week.

This innovation, according to Casey, received a positive response from the community: "We got the right balance of players who wanted to min max it and not lose out, but, at the same time, feel like they have the choice of when to play. The re-imagining of the Double XP weekend allowed these players to take advantage of the event's bonuses without having to schedule their life around RuneScape, preventing what was meant to be a fun event from becoming an inconvenience.

The riskier experiment, however, was Count Yakula's Yak Track. As mentioned, the game's previous attempt at a battle pass-like system, RunePass, wasn't well received by players, leading to feedback from both the player community and internally at Jagex that helped play a major role in the creation of Yak Track. This was the right decision because, compared to RunePass, Yak Track is clearly the superior event in terms of both the rewards on offer and, most importantly, the tasks you complete to earn them.

Unlike RunePass, where each player was given a series of daily tasks depending on which track they were on, each tier in the Yak Track has two dedicated tasks for you to pick from. These can either be skill-based tasks, which scale to your level in that particular skill, or an activity task, like picking cabbages near Port Sarim.

This change ensures the Yak Track feels like a new piece of content, rather than just an extension of the daily challenges, especially since many of the tasks can take multiple hours to complete. Other alterations, such as a wider variety of rewards, extending the length of the event from two weeks to six, and ensuring Premier Club members receive the premium track for free, have also helped it feel like a unique event instead of an encore of RunePass.

The Live Ops team also used Yak Track as an opportunity to release an experimental update to Treasure Hunter that let players see the content of some loot boxes before buying them. Casey described it as "a new feature that's much more transparent, where players can still use their daily keys if they want to and they can still earn the same type of rewards, but it's a much more open system that increases the amount of player control and choice", and insists there's "still an amount of randomisation in the prizes selected around them, then if you use a key, you'll receive one of the prizes randomly, but you'll be able to see what they are, so if you see something you really want, you'll be able to go after it and get it".

While this new features does give players an additional advantage when using Treasure Hunter, there will always be voices within the community that call for the removal of the loot box system entirely. It's highly unlikely, however, that Jagex will pull Treasure Hunter from RuneScape due to the revenue it provides. What Casey did tell Eurogamer though is the Live Ops team plans to run a number of tests throughout to help "find the right balance and the right kind of mechanics" as part of their commitment to "evolving our model, moving away from a standard loot crate system".

The new Farming Guild. Aside from monetisation, another issue that plagued RuneScape throughout the late summer and early autumn months of was a lack of content. Outside the release of The Land Out of Time, the majority of updates RuneScape experienced before November were focused around improving the game's quality of life, such as Bank Placeholders and the Slayer Collection Log.

Only three quests were released this year, and the planned Weapon Diversity update was unfortunately cancelled. Weapon Diversity was a modernisation project in a similar vein to the Mining and Smithing rework, which was released at the beginning of When asked about the project's cancellation by Eurogamer at RuneFest , lead designer David Osborne explained: "It was meant to bring diversity to weapons so it feels different to have short swords, than it did to have a whip and it wasn't doing that as well as it should.

I'm glad I'm part of a game that decided, 'No, we're going to cancel that. It's refreshing to see Jagex decided against releasing an update it believed wasn't performing to the correct standard. The unintentional problem, however, was there wasn't anything to replace Weapon Diversity in the schedule.

As Osborne said: "We cancelled that [Weapon Diversity] and it left a hole. What we need to get better at is having updates contingency. RuneScape also promises to start off strong with the release of its 28th skill, Archaeology, in January, which looks perfect for Gielinor lore nerds like myself.

Yet, to ensure this content black hole doesn't happen again, Jagex plans to temporarily increase the size of the RuneScape development team. The remastering subteam will begin with a rework of Managing Miscellenia, while the quest subteam will work on an Azzanadra quest. The news of the quest subteam is especially welcome. For many players, the variety of quests available in RuneScape is one of the main reasons why they keep playing.

You can join the rebellion against the vampyric lords in Morytania, uncover the secrets of the Elven race or find out why the penguins are acting suspiciously. There are even multiple murder mystery quests, including Murder Mystery, released in , and The Needle Skips. Quest development has slowed in the last couple of years, with four being released in and six in , leaving the questers of RuneScape wanting.

Hopefully the new quest subteam will create a new range of exciting quests, continuing the subversive, yet engaging, tone the game is known for. Jagex hasn't, however, just created a selection of new subteams. It's also increased the resources of all its major teams. Ryan Ward, executive producer for RuneScape, explained to Eurogamer: "We added resources to each of the teams and we actually had our teams focused on three different core areas: Live Ops, the Episodic Content and the Core Experiences.

Just south of the of the coast, you will find the entrance to a tunnel flanked by two large statues. Enter the tunnel and then go through another entrance flanked by two large statues to reach a small dock. Talk to the Dwarven Ferryman to take you across.

Once on the other side, head east across a bridge and then north to another bridge. Walk across the second bridge and talk to Dondakan the Dwarf near his cannon. Ask him why he is firing a cannon at a wall and agree to help him find out what is inside the rock. Head back to the Dwarven Ferryman and go across the river. Now, ask to the Dwarven boatman to take you to Keldagrim.

Once there, cross the bridge to the western part of Keldagrim and talk to the librarian, in the building next of the bridge, about impenetrable rocks. He will direct you to the Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse Within the palace walls near the anvil icon on your minimap. Enter the temple, the big building in the center of the city, and talk to the Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse.

He will tell you that the only person who knows more about the impenetrable rocks is Rolad, a renowed scholar. He will then tell you that Rolad is currently spending his time with the Black Guards at the Ice Mountain. Travel to the dwarven base on the foot of the Ice Mountain, north of Falador , and talk to Rolad in the eastern building. He will tell you to look for three book pages, containing the info about impenetrable rocks, in the Dwarven Mines below.

Once you have acquired all of the Pages , hand them over to Rolad. He will put the Dwarven lore back together and give it to you. Rolad will then ask that you return it to him after you have read it. Reply with either "Of course" or "Of course lie " and read the book to find out more about the quest. Book page 1 : Kill a Scorpion level 14 or a King scorpion level 32 you may have to kill several to obtain it.

Book page 2 : Search the mining carts. Book page 3 : Mine a rock of you choice you may have to mine several to obtain it. Head back to Dondakan the Dwarf and inform him of what you have read. He will ask you to find a hard material which can break through the rock. Show him a Gold bar and he will ask you to smith it into a Golden cannonball.

Stop by a furnace and use a Gold bar on it, whilst having an Ammo mould in your inventory, to produce a Cannon ball. Note: The nearest furnace is located in Rellekka. However, to ability to use it requires completion of the The Fremennik Trials quest. Hand the Cannon ball over to Dondakan the Dwarf and he will fire it towards the rock. The ball will be absorbed by the rock and Dondakan will want to fire you at it too. Agree with him and he will tell you that to do so he has to modify the cannon.

Between a rock and a hard place runescape quest almanac sports betting between a rock and a hard place runescape quest


Be aware that even if you the pieces in the correct relative position, you might need to select them all and move them together to the correct position on the screen. Once you put them all in place, the screen will show: "That's it!

It all makes sense now! If you were a dwarf, that is Travel back to Keldagrim, bank, get pickaxe , and if needed, go back to the engineer in the Trading Consortium so that you can make your helmet by using your remaining 3 gold bars on the anvil if you haven't made it already.

Second thoughts before launch Equip the golden helmet; make sure you have a pick because any gold in inventory will disappear. Go back to Dondakan with the schematics and the items needed to kill the level enemy. Once you are ready, ask Dondakan to shoot you into the rock. Too late! To fight the Arzinian Being of Bordanzan , you will need to mine at least six 6 gold ore.

Otherwise, it will keep regenerating its hitpoints. Mining 15 is highly recommended as this will lower the combat level of the boss from to Make sure you keep this gold in your inventory. You only have eight 8 minutes to mine the gold and defeat the avatar; if you take off your gold helmet, you will be teleported back to Dondakan. Fighting the Arzinian Avatar When you feel you have enough gold, go to the centre of the area, where you will find a set of flames.

Go through the first set of flames and talk to the second set. He will ask you to find a hard material which can break through the rock. Show him a Gold bar and he will ask you to smith it into a Golden cannonball. Stop by a furnace and use a Gold bar on it, whilst having an Ammo mould in your inventory, to produce a Cannon ball. Note: The nearest furnace is located in Rellekka. However, to ability to use it requires completion of the The Fremennik Trials quest.

Hand the Cannon ball over to Dondakan the Dwarf and he will fire it towards the rock. The ball will be absorbed by the rock and Dondakan will want to fire you at it too. Agree with him and he will tell you that to do so he has to modify the cannon.

Dondakan will request that you recover all of the different schematics for the multicannon modifications and that you make a Gold helmet. Right before the conversation ends, Dondakan the Dwarf will give you the first Schematic. While you're here, use 3 Gold bars on the nearby anvil to make a Gold helmet. To obtain the third Schematic , head over to the pub below the White Wolf Mountain and talk to Khorvak, a dwarven engineer.

He will give it to you in exchange for a Dwarven stout. Whether you agree to give him one or not, you will still receive the third Schematic. Read the Dwarven lore again and you will be give to option to tear out the last Schematic. Once you recovered all of the schematics, you must assemble them. A window will pop up in which you must most and rotate the piece into the correct position see below. Note: If you close the schematics window, the puzzle will reset.

Now, withdraw a pickaxe and prepare yourself for the battle with a level enemy. Once ready, put on the Gold helmet and head back Dondakan the Dwarf. Give him the assembled Schematic and you will be shot into the rock. Once inside the rock, head to the center of the rock while mining as many Gold ores as you can along the way. At least 6 ores are needed to fight the Arzinian Avatar level The more ores you mine, the lower the level of the avatar. At 15 ores, it will be at its weakest form level When you have mined enough Gold ores , jump through the first set flames to reach to the center where you will find some more flames.

Talk to these flames and the Arzinian Avatar will attack you. The Avatar will use the attack method which you are weakest against. Note: You only have 8 minutes to mine the required Gold ores and defeat the avatar. If you change your combat style, the avatar will change its attack style.

If you wish to leave the area before the battle has ended or if you are about to die, simply take off the Gold helmet and you will be teleported out.

Between a rock and a hard place runescape quest estrategias forex a largo plazo

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