Almanac sports betting

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almanac sports betting

We all remember when muscle-bound meanie Biff stole the Gray's Sports Almanac and used it to bet on games for which he knew the outcome. Using it as a guide for betting, by he became a celebrity and built a financial corrupted empire in an alternate reality, where he secretly murdered George. Sports Almanac. Marty tries to bring back a future sports almanac in order to make a fortune placing bets place bets. Themes: Ethics, Money, Greed. MASTERS GOLF BETTING ODDS 2022

Biff was hesitant at first, but eventually revealed that he received the book on November 12, , from "some old codger" himself. Biff then mentioned that he had been warned by the old man, that if anyone came asking about the almanac, he should kill them; by then, Biff already had a pistol at the ready. Marty distracted Biff and ran off, avoiding bullet fire.

Marty, ending up on the roof of the casino, was cornered by Biff, until he saw his opportunity to leave, and jumped off Having walloped Biff on the jaw with the DeLorean's gullwing door, knocking him cold, Doc and Marty then traveled back to to prevent Biff from ever making use of the almanac. Back to The almanac or so Marty believes changes hands.

Upon returning to November 12, , Doc made mention of two Docs and two Martys, and that encountering one of the two could create a paradox to be avoided at all costs. Marty, in disguise, tracked Biff down to his house , and then into town. Unknown to Marty, Old Biff was behind a tree on the opposite side of the street. Marty climbed into the back seat and covered himself up. Old Biff then got into Biff's car and, after some heated discussion with his younger self, drove back to the house with the car.

There, in the garage, Old Biff revealed the sports almanac, telling Young Biff never to leave the book lying around; to buy a safe and keep the book locked up and until then, to always keep it on him ; and never to tell anyone about the book. Old Biff told his younger self about Doc and Marty as they left the garage, locking Marty inside. By nightfall, Biff left the house for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, taking a few looks through the almanac on the way to the dance.

Sometime during the dance, Biff put the dust cover of the almanac with an Oh La La pinup magazine, perhaps to prevent Mr. Strickland from taking it Strickland took the pinup magazine instead. After coming up empty, Marty realized that Biff was outside harassing Lorraine and that Biff would soon be punched by George.

After preventing Biff's goons from beating his other self up, Marty ran into Biff outside the school, and the two faced off, but the fight was interrupted when Marty's other self on his way to rendezvous with the Doc of at the clocktower hit him with the door, exposing the almanac. Biff took it again and kicked Marty in the chest. A chase ensued with Doc and the DeLorean flying in behind Biff's car.

Marty, on his hoverboard , snuck up to the passenger door and reached for the almanac, but Biff reacted and fought for it. Marty grabbed the almanac but was faced with a long tunnel to escape. Marty was nearly run over by Biff, but managed to grab flags from the Lyon Estates sign attached to the DeLorean.

Biff looked up in awe, then back down, and then crashed into another manure truck. Marty ready to destroy the almanac. Marty and Doc returned to Lyon Estates as storm clouds began to sparkle with lightning. Marty burned the almanac in a bucket, and everything became normal again. Biff's disruptions were foiled at last. Suddenly, lightning struck a tree narrowly missing the DeLorean, but a second bolt sent the malfunctioning DeLorean and Doc with it to January 1 , Note: The following section is considered non-canon or is disputed in canonicity.

After arriving back with his family in , Doc opened the Institute of Future Technology and soon after, went back to and bought the almanac. Use the analyzer tool for custom gaming property marketplace analysis by geographic area and by type of gaming facility. Interactive global gaming property maps displaying the locations of every gaming property outside the U. More than 2, annual reports covering international non-U. Global regulatory agency and commission directory with contact data for regulatory agencies and commissions around the world outside the US and Canada with website and e-mail addresses, agency or commission contact names and titles.

Online access to the current printed Almanac and prior ten editions of the Almanac in searchable electronic format Key Topics Covered: 2. Overview of Gaming Worldwide 3. Gaming in Africa 4. Gaming in Asia and the Middle East 5. Gaming in the Caribbean 6. Gaming in Central and South America 7. Gaming in Europe 8. Gaming in North America 9.

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These correlations go way behond the Three Kings systems. These Systems are very old and wise. Sold for entertainment purposes only. Eagle Book Supply Inc. Toll Free: Free shipping for many products! So we have plenty of time. That would be way too obvious.

I'm trying to earn a satisfying living for my family and me for the next 45 years. To use the parlance of the movie, we want to keep the cash-time continuum flowing. And here's how I would do it. Don't be obvious Think of this like you're a D student who just got all the answers to the big test.

You don't answer every question correctly, you miss a few. You'd have to gamble the same way. For every four wins, throw a loss in there. And be sure to stagger the order, too. Don't just go four wins, one loss, four wins one loss. Try four wins, two losses, four wins.

Or three wins, loss, three wins, loss, two wins. You're always winning eight out of every 10 bets, but not creating any sort of pattern. Vary your bets Mix up what you're betting on and how you bet. Throw a few small parlays in there. Again, nothing that develops a pattern or raises suspicion. You know what, on second thought, don't make any WNBA bets.

That would already be pretty suspicious. And keep in mind, right now, in Year One with the almanac, we're just building up some cash flow. We don't want the gambling commission breaking down the door to our apartment and finding the almanac. Notice I said apartment, we aren't in position to buy mansions or second homes on the French Riviera Get others involved Hey, don't forget your family and friends.

Throw them a few bones as well. I want my brother Ryan's three daughters Parker, Cora and Ivory and a fourth on the way to go to college. So he should be able to accomplish that with ease if I give him, let's say, the winner of the next 10 NBA Championships, the next 10 World Series and the next 10 Super Bowls. Then he can have his wife Jillian it would be too obvious if two guys named Powers were on an amazing gambling streak make some bets. They should be able to turn a couple thousand into a couple hundred thousand in no time.

You could even start giving out your gambling acumen as a gift. Yes, I'm assuming the sports almanac is so thorough that it has all daily minor horse racing results. You could take this concept to a dangerous degree and hire a network of people to make bets for you under their names. That sounds like something Biff might have done, but I think we can do fine on our own and we don't need to develop an underground gambling cartel. Think long-con This is what we've been waiting for. This is where the huge cash comes in.

Now here's where we can make some huge paydays without raising the eyebrows of Vegas. Let's say that we know in an extreme longshot wins the NCAA basketball tournament. Let's say it's Pepperdine, whose odds of winning it all before the season are 2,to OK, let's think here.

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Back To The Future 2 - Marty Asks Biff About The Sports Almanac

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